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Events at the Grapes of Taste

Good evening!

Wayne and I would like to thank Matt Leader for doing the tasting last Saturday.  I was able to stop by for a brief visit and enjoyed tasting the new wines. 

Did you know that the shop has a Facebook page? 

Yep - Grapes of Taste Wine & Gourmet Shop.  Alan used to take very good care of it when he worked for us and I have to admit that I have been a little neglectful.  Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends and certainly an economical avenue for businesses to advertise themselves.  If they keep it up. 

I just went online and saw that we have 568 likes. 

If I promise to do a better job promoting our shop, would you like us in return?  We will give a $10 Gift Certificate to the 575th person to like us and a $20 Gift Certificate to the 600th person. 

I’m not an expert on Facebook – I know enough to be dangerous – but I hope to be able to track our likes and promise to start promoting some of the events we have planned for this fall – like another Mini-Festival.  We also will be having some guest pourers in the weeks to come.  See the listing below. Several of the other distributors are still checking their calendars.

Friday, July 25th Beer (and Wine) Tasting ~ 5:00 – 7:00 pm ~ Last week the Lone Rider Sweet Josie and Shotgun Betty were out of stock but Larry assured me they would be in on Monday.  Wayne will be in the shop tasting those two and a couple other new beers.  The wines will be Cave de Lalastide Perle, Eppa Sangria, and Molly Dooker Two Left Feet – Join us for the “Molly Dooker Shake”.

Saturday, July 26th Wine Tasting ~ 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. ~ Scott Tarallo from International Cellars will be in the shop tasting:

·         La Mascaronne Rose – a dry Rose from France that was rated 90 & 91 by Wine Enthusiast & Wine Advocate

·         Oraison Cote du Rhone – a classic Cotes from France

·         Villa Verge Chianti – their newest Chianti from Italy

·         Chateau Cousteau Bordeaux – a classic merlot, cab blend Bordeaux from France

Replenished Wines ~ Butterfly Kiss Pinot Grigio, Lady Lola Pinot Grigio, Our Daily Red, Canyon Road White Zinfandel and Frey Organic White and Red.

Upcoming Wine Tastings at Grapes of Taste

·         Saturday, August 23 ~ Maggie Waggoner with Delfosse Winery

·         Saturday, August 30 ~ Charlie Burrows with Ingleside Winery

Sparkling Sale ~ Do any of the following sparkling wines catch your eye?  These are the ones that are left – some sold out immediately and the numbers left on several others is lower.  Again, the prices and quantities are noted and all are 15% off through this weekend.  They are displayed in the tasting room.

·         Asti Soprano ~ $13.50 (1)

·         Barboursville Cuvee Brut ~ $27.10 (4)

·         Bebe Sparkling Rose ~ $11.50 (6)

·         Cantosan Sem Seco Rueda ~ $13.50 (3)

·         Cava Marfil Brut ~ $15.48 (3)

·         Charme Spumante Brut ~ $19.50 (2)

·         Etoile Rose ~ $42.50 (2)

·         Graham Beck Brut ~ $16.75 (4)

·         Graham Beck Brut Rose ~ $16.75 (4)

·         Independence Rose Brut ~ $22.50 (1)

·         La Cappuccina Filos Spumante Brut ~ $14.45 (6)

·         Lovisolo Spumante Brut Rose ~ $18.60 (4)

·         M. Lawrence US Brut ~ $15.50 (3)

·         Piper Sonoma Blanc de Blanc ~ $15.10 (6)

·         Signat Cava Brut ~ $22.20 (2)

·         Signat Semi-Seco Cava ~ $18.25 (4)

·         Torley Fortuna Sparkling ~ $13.50 (4)


Kay and Wayne

If you have an event you would like us to help promote, please shoot me an email and
we will add you to the list of events.

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